Raven Row

Opened in February 2009, Raven Row is a new contemporary art exhibition centre by 6a Architects. It comprises of two 1754 grade 1 listed shop fronts restored and coupled together with newly designed excavated area and facade to the rear. The thoughtfulness of 6a throughout the project is stunning with every detail from facade to fitting carefully considered, the final result is a stunning building that allows transition between each original building and new additions to happen seamlessly. In their own words “We took the view that the pre-existing construction need not be consigned to history and framed by the new. We have aimed to make each piece of this evolving puzzle oscillate between past and present. Rather than fixing history in the past, we have allowed for contemporary narratives to be drawn across time and space”.

Pictured above is the cast iron facade, addressing Frying Pan Lane to the rear of the building. The mould, taken from charred timber, whilst also being very beautiful also considers the history of the building representing the fire that ravaged the building in 1972.