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The first stage of the next project to be set in Erith, part of the East London Green Grid as shown in Green Grid Primer, is to engage with the site with a physical model of a space. This is by no means a definitive form at all, a form often takes months of work to even get close to what the final building will look like, however having a an initial shape to place on site and reflect on is a good idea. It may well lead to nothing, but in the same breath may lead to something. This structure is a very basic cube form, however it has a very detailed screen in three of the six sides taken from one of the wallpaper patterns from the Grapes public house. It brings forward the successful ideas of perforation and screening from the previous project which may work well with this project also.


The culmination of a large proportion of the material work with Wallpaper in the Grapes public house is this balustrade. As set from the image displayed in Perforated Wallpaper this balustrade is set to frame the view of the River Thames as described in Two Corridors using the layering techniques of two of the original wallpapers as set in Wallpaper Amalgamation. The balustrade itself is copper coated acrylic as shown in Fake Copper, but in practice would be waterjet cut copper. The two patterns as well as creating a visual screen also act as structural aids to each other to mean that the balustrade could span the width of the Grapes.


This may well look like Copper. In fact it also feels like copper. To say it is not copper at all would be a lie, however the fact that this is the same laser cut clear acrylic as in Acrylic Wallpaper adds more credence to this process. It is actually called Electroforming, where the original acrylic was layered in Silver and then electrically coated in Copper. This was then sprayed in an acidic solution which caused it to oxidize and turn green. The most convincing fake I have seen.

In the previous post Mercado de S. Sebastiao a sketch was shown of this beautiful tiered market space. Above is a more accurate survey drawing of a section a 1:20 to show inhabitation of the space and how the relationships between each tier work as well as portraying the atmosphere of the space and how it is a very enclosed space by shuttered concrete and in-situ concrete furniture with a large skylight piercing through above.

With all the documentation throughout the last months of the Grapes public house wallpaper and how it has developed into more than a two dimensional pattern. Here are the originals.

Above is a computer generated image and a post construction photograph of Zone Architects‘s Queensferry Addition. This zinc clad addition to one of a series of grand villas lining the edge of the Firth of Forth is a rare change to the usual sandstone structures erected in the city whilst also solving the issues of poor kitchen and service facilities and lack of connection to the garden. The real success though is the framed view of the Forth Railway Bridge, a beautiful cantilevered bridge which connects the City of Edinburgh with neighboring Fife.

I was employed by Zone Architects 01/2008 – 09/2008. During this period I worked on this project, including producing the computer generated image.