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Remember, Architecture is about telling a story.”

– Stefan Shaw 22/08/2010


Detroit is an incredibly interesting city. A hub of creative minds from automotive design to music, it was regarded for a long time as the new frontier of the “American Dream” and was one of the pioneers in creating the suburb. The city now has more similarities to a post-war landscape that a bustling metropolis. A documentary by Julien Temple explores the city’s current problems, reasons for them and possible futures. One of the most thought provoking programs I have seen, it makes one wonder what choice moves could be made, architecturally or otherwise, to try and regenerate a city which grew at such a fast rate on temporary industry.

Watch it on BBC iPlayer here until 22:14 Saturday 20th March 2010.

Vikki Church by JKMM Architects is a small church in Helsinki, Finland which is the central element to a larger progressive urban development. The interesting feature to the building though is the glulam timber beam ceiling, which is made ridged by roof panels. Here the roof’s structure is revealed, which like Caruso St John Architect’s Arosa Sporttheatre, creates a spacial relationship between two levels.

Shandy Park doesn’t exist in one dimension. In fact the park exists not only in three dimensions, it and the fabric in which it is set also stimulates a variety of human senses like sound smell and touch. This sketch explores the park in a three dimensional way, but drawn from memory so that the features which are clearly remembered are drawn.

The variation in Islamic patterns throughout the muslim world is vast, but all adhere to a rules of geometry. Whether five point star patterns or hexagonal, tiled or sculpted in relief they all use a system of repetition which brings parallels to wallpaper patterns. What is also of interest is the possibility to define a structural system for the project using pattern systems.

There are several words used is in Islam when describing a mosque and prayer.

Markaz – A multi-functional mosque

Quibla – Direction of prayer towards Mecca

Azan – Call to prayer

Minaret – Lighthouse at top of mosques, used for call to prayer

Mihrab – Niche in wall to indicate direction of Mecca

Imam – Leader of Prayer

Minbar – Pulpit where Imam delivers sermons

Musalla – Prayer hall