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A 3D visualization of the proposed Geometric Roof Structure.

Much like Skeleton and Not just a Balustrade, the investigation of the wallpaper pattern from The Grapes Public House is applied to a cubic form. The proposed 150mm concrete cube, with the pattern in relief, acts as much as a tectonic study as that of pattern.

Above is a computer generated image and a post construction photograph of Zone Architects‘s Queensferry Addition. This zinc clad addition to one of a series of grand villas lining the edge of the Firth of Forth is a rare change to the usual sandstone structures erected in the city whilst also solving the issues of poor kitchen and service facilities and lack of connection to the garden. The real success though is the framed view of the Forth Railway Bridge, a beautiful cantilevered bridge which connects the City of Edinburgh with neighboring Fife.

I was employed by Zone Architects 01/2008 – 09/2008. During this period I worked on this project, including producing the computer generated image.