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I was thrilled to see that a portion of a large 1:20 section of the Grapes Public House created by Carlos Dos Santos, Alexandra Bailey, Thomas Sellers and myself in a recent edition of The Architects’ Journal. I was however disappointed when I noticed that the only credit for the work was given to Carlos. This is a shame because although a large amount of this particular portion of the section was done by Carlos and he has also been the stand out student of the year, which has resulted in him being put forward for the RIBA President’s Medals, it is upsetting that a piece of work that is a collaboration between four people is not acknowledged as such. The section not only required four skilled individuals but also their ability to work as part of a team to complete, and resulted in a piece of work we were all very proud of.


Caruso St John Architects have just unveiled the new Nottingham Contemporary Arts Centre, which takes inspirations from both the physical nature of the site and the architectural character of the warehouses in the lace market near to it. The most interesting feature though is the lace moulds for the external facade, which have taken original lace patterns and machine milled by computer control an original, from which a mould can be taken and then several concrete precast units can be formed. You can read The Architects Journal here.