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Six of the footprints studied in Footprint Study were selected due to scale, location or the way in which they deal with different imposing axis. They were mass modeled but purposely without a dome, if featured, to negate any sense of influence this may have on study which it is not relevant. All six were recored from plan view as well as three key views taken from routes across or along the park, identified in Site Axis.


Comparing the footprint of various mosques and Islamic Centres which have prayer halls is very interesting. The shape and scale of the buildings can vary dramatically, and more intriguing is the way in which they contort to face Mecca. Some are simple rectangular shapes, which are just set to face the direction of prayer and some are shapes with more sides allowing them to face several directions. Others meanwhile clearly deal with two clear axis, more commonly that of the surrounding fabric, and it is how these structures deal with this meeting point that creates a very special moment.