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The Mosque in Chittagong by Kasha Mahboob Chowdury / Urbana is a fantastically successful precedent when looking at modern versions of mosques. Built in 2008 it has many aesthetics that are reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s styling in buildings such as the Villa Savoye with clean lines and white render, but this is the result of the architect striving for a minimal building that is not constrained by traditional or cultural limitations. Where it is most successful is the relationship between public and private. Half of the building is prayer space; enclosed and hidden from the outside world, and the other half a courtyard; opening out to its surroundings. The fact that they have identical footprints with very similar features and sit side by side creates a fantastic relationship which allows this traditionally very closed building to become very open.


Wallpaper Tower

You may remember the wallpaper from The Grapes that was drawn up. Well it is starting to take on a 3D form, not quite sure at what scale yet or for what exact purpose but I thought it would be good to show that there is initial workings and many investigations that may not lead to an answer but may still inform the final output.

The picture also seems reminiscent of Le Corbusier’s Plan Voisin.