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The aim of this project was to create something that sat comfortably. A building that was accepted by both Islamic and London cultures and that was happy in it’s context. It has taken heavily from Public Houses and addresses the corner of Shandy Park in a similar way to many examples such as The Wenlock Arms, breaking down any barrier threshold. The material selection of London Stock helps the structure to compliment it’s surroundings, being a exemplar of what can be achieved with the material. Ornamentation is kept subtle, especially on the street elevation, being used to signify the location of religious spaces and also creating visual barriers for private spaces. The rear elevations addressing the park are more extravagant in decoration but still in keeping with the scheme. Personally, I think it sits comfortably with a sense of belonging, in the true sense of the word.


As inĀ Mosque Massing, this early proposal for the Shahjalal Mosque was physically modeled and photographed from the same perspectives as the six precedent mosques chosen for Mosque Massing in order to have a constant to compare differences. As discussed in Mosque V1, the building deals with the dictated route axis across the site and the building axis of the exiting fabric. It also starts to create an outdoor room towards the North-East of the site, but is rather awkward in dealing with the Southern edge.

An interior model of the Prayer Hall as visualized in Geometric Roof Structure Visualization.