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Using the boundary of the Ocean Estate, which is home to 90% of the proposed mosque’s patrons, this study shows the age of the buildings around Shandy Park. Using Historical Maps for raw data, the darker the building, the older it is. This is particularly interesting when looking at the site’s immediate context, where only the Arbour Centre and the building to the east of the park; now used as a learning support, are older than sixty odd years.

The Shajalal Mosque site sits on the corner of Shandy Park, which is located in the middle of the expansive Ocean Estate. From previous planning applications it is expected that 90% of the users of the mosque will be from the surrounding estate, which is in the borough of Tower Hamlets; thought to be 1/3rd Bangladeshi. This starts an interesting conversation of foreign occupants of an English building and how does this manifest itself? What is the architectural equivalent to a Bangladeshi with a east end accent?

It should also be noted from the diagram above, showing the expanse of the Ocean Estate, that there are several new buildings proposed. The proposal directly to the west of Shandy Park will affect the use of the park and mosque with direct access to that corner of the site.