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Above shows the second version of the proposed Shahjalal Mosque in Shandy Park. Already shown in Mosque V2 Modeling, it uses pattern work previously discussed in Brick Pattern, Paving Pattern and Etching Pattern, whilst combing styles of traditional Islamic and English domestic and industrial styles as shown in Power Pub and Collision Course. It does not however work programatically and lets itself down by not revealing it’s inspiration in elevational detailing.

A work in progress.

Having identified the South East corner of the site as a strong position to place the mosque; following the line of the existing built fabric to continue the architectural language along the street-addressing elevation and creating a strong edge condition, whilst also engaging the park with the angle of the Prayer Hall due to the direction of prayer towards Mecca, the basic massing used in Spacial Arrangement allowed one to design the landscaping of Shandy Park to respond to the mosque.

The series of sketches above show the progression from placing these masses on the existing layout of the park, reflecting on past landscaping of the park (which can be seen in Historical Maps), to creating a direct visual connection from external space to building, which impacts on the mosque’s engagement with the park (see Sketch Plan), in order to create a shared space suitable for worshipers and non-worshipers alike.

An initial sketch plan of the Shahjalal Mosque (V2) showing how the foyer acts as a central linking area to the “Pub”, Ablution spaces and Prayer Hall as well as promoting access to Shandy Park by creating a tree lined avenue from this central space. What is also of note is the central “hearth” which has several roles within the mosque, acting as the Mihrab (see Islamic Terms), a Minaret, extraction for the natural ventilation strategy and providing an architectural link between English industrial, traditional Islamic and East End domestic styles.

Despite dealing with axis, Mosque V1 did not work in plan. Taking the spaces within the Shahjalal Mosque back to essentials – The Prayer Hall and what is described here as “Pub”, basic layouts were configured to create a positive relationship between the two.

The term “Pub”, despite its alcoholic connotations, is meant in as previous work has stated as Public House, a space that is privately owned but used publicly, that conveys a sense of domesticity which dictates a sense of decorum to be maintained by all patrons. I also like the traditional idea of the landlord living upstairs making a pub very much an extension of their living room, which I think has potential for direct translation to an Imam’s role within a mosque.

Plan sketches at 1:1250 of the site, immediate surrounding fabric and indicative proposals. It also seems that the simpler of the plans are more successful.