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After taking the wallpaper pattern from The Grapes and using it as a balustrade, it was felt that this intervention was far too modest. The idea that this beautiful perforated pattern frames a patron’s view of the river when seated is still maintained in the new proposal but instead of creating something that was incredibly “outrospective”, the new design aims to add something to the rear elevation that addresses the river. The new design is a rather more drastic modular addition which in essence is a large cubic volume attached to the back of the building inspired in part from the volume designed in Skeleton. This creates a beautiful observation booth which also retains a sense of privacy.


The culmination of a large proportion of the material work with Wallpaper in the Grapes public house is this balustrade. As set from the image displayed in Perforated Wallpaper this balustrade is set to frame the view of the River Thames as described in Two Corridors using the layering techniques of two of the original wallpapers as set in Wallpaper Amalgamation. The balustrade itself is copper coated acrylic as shown in Fake Copper, but in practice would be waterjet cut copper. The two patterns as well as creating a visual screen also act as structural aids to each other to mean that the balustrade could span the width of the Grapes.

Similar to the previous laser cut patterns in Perforated Wallpaper, these were scaled at 2:1 to make much larger perforations but with the same moments of interaction and cut from 3mm clear Acrylic. These may form the basis to proposed balustrading to the rear of the Grapes public house, concentrating on the link between the pub and the river Thames.

The same off cuts from laser cutting wallpaper patterns that were used in More Than Wallpaper were also used for initial modeling on the shore of the Thames next to the Grapes public house. As mentioned before in the post Two Corridors, the Grapes’ relationship to the Thames is very important and the potential for an intervention here is very strong.

Long SectionTo understand how The Grapes sits in the city, it is essential to show it addressing two corridors. To the north the pub fronts onto Narrow Street, which as it states is quite narrow and other than being the location of the entrance, does not engage with. To the south however the pub opens out the the great expanse of water that is the River Thames. Despite the days of entrance to the pub being from water, the interior seems very much like a camera obscura focusing on the water. It is important that the two different scales of these corridors is also noted.