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After taking the wallpaper pattern from The Grapes and using it as a balustrade, it was felt that this intervention was far too modest. The idea that this beautiful perforated pattern frames a patron’s view of the river when seated is still maintained in the new proposal but instead of creating something that was incredibly “outrospective”, the new design aims to add something to the rear elevation that addresses the river. The new design is a rather more drastic modular addition which in essence is a large cubic volume attached to the back of the building inspired in part from the volume designed in Skeleton. This creates a beautiful observation booth which also retains a sense of privacy.

The first stage of the next project to be set in Erith, part of the East London Green Grid as shown in Green Grid Primer, is to engage with the site with a physical model of a space. This is by no means a definitive form at all, a form often takes months of work to even get close to what the final building will look like, however having a an initial shape to place on site and reflect on is a good idea. It may well lead to nothing, but in the same breath may lead to something. This structure is a very basic cube form, however it has a very detailed screen in three of the six sides taken from one of the wallpaper patterns from the Grapes public house. It brings forward the successful ideas of perforation and screening from the previous project which may work well with this project also.